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Following are links to drought news impacting California and the Colorado River:







NASA grant to explore California's drought conditions ABC 10.com 3-22-2017
Could NASA satellites help with decision making during drought conditions? That's what researchers at the University of Colorado are trying to figure out. The school received a $1.4 million grant from NASA on March 6 to study California's drought conditions using NASA satellite data... Read More


California has a new $383 million plan for the shrinking Salton Sea The Desert Sun 3-16-2017

After years of delays, California's plans for the shrinking Salton Sea are finally taking shape... Read More


California: $400 million plan to slow largest lake shrinkage IV Press 3-16-2017

California Gov. Jerry Brown's administration on Thursday proposed spending nearly $400 million over 10 years to slow the shrinking of the state's largest lake just as it is expected to evaporate an accelerated pace... Read More


California drought’s biggest lesson? Build more water storage SD Union 3-20-2017

The winter’s welcome wet spell has brought at least an unofficial end to California’s drought. But has the rain washed away the most obvious lesson of the Golden State’s dry weather? Quite possibly... Read More


Big snowstorms put Colorado River drought plan on ice Arizona Daily Star 3-19-2017

An unusually snowy winter in the northern Rockies has for now helped put the kibosh on a statewide plan to conserve Colorado River water to stop Lake Mead from falling too low. Future conservation efforts are highly uncertain.. Read More


Drought and rain bring explosion of California wildflowers The Mercury News 3-17-2017

California’s historic drought was followed this year by heavy rains, prompting one of the best displays of wildflowers in years. These images are from Southern California, but you can expect beautiful blooms throughout the state... See more


When Is a Drought Over? A Wet California Wants to Know NY Times 3-10-2017

The Hollywood Reservoir is nestled in a basin surrounded, usually, by dusty brown hillsides, broken up by the occasional dry wisp of shrubbery. Not these days. After yet another burst of rain the other day, the hills were transformed into lush fields of knee-high grass, spotted with purple flowers. And the reservoir? As high as it has been in years... Read More


Wet winter has improved Colorado River basin's water forecast, but the drought endures LA Times 2-18-2017

California is not the only place in the West confronting startling amounts of rain and snow. Drought conditions have declined substantially across the region in recent weeks, with heavy storms replenishing reservoirs and piling fresh powder on ski resorts... Read More


Big unfinished business for Trump: Colorado River deals, the shrinking Salton Sea The Desert Sun 1-20-2017

Two days before President Donald Trump’s inauguration, outgoing Interior Secretary Sally Jewell laid out a game plan for averting serious water shortages along the Colorado River... Read More